TQT is considered one of the distinguished institutions in the field of training and consulting inside and outside the United Arab Emirates, established in 2008 in the Emirate of Dubai and was the beginning of the launch.
TQT is an Emirati training institution, which aims to provide integrated training and advisory services to government, institutions, public and private companies in the Arab region in the administrative, technical, educational and security fields, and to provide studies, research and organizational and administrative consultations related to human, economic and social development, as well as the development of individual and collective skills within bodies, institutions and companies.
We are distinguished by specialization in the implementation of training programs, as the senior management of the center is under the leadership of an experienced strategist, Dr. Mustafa Kamel Al-Mohammed, a training and consulting expert accredited by many governments and private agencies inside and outside the country.
TQT has many international partnerships that allow participants in the courses to obtain many international certificates and accreditations, and our courses are held in all world capitals.
Innovating the best ways and means to support the skills of developing the performance of the human element, which we believe is the most important element of community development.
To be able to provide world-class training programs and consulting services through a wide range of experts and international partnerships.
Our Services
• Providing distinguished training and educational services.
• Diversifying and developing training services according to the latest scientific methods and standards.
• Providing national competencies that meet the actual needs of society.
• Meeting the needs of institutions in their public and private sectors and providing the highest quality standards through experts and consultants in all fields.
• Establishing partnerships with government and private agencies to achieve the greatest possible benefit and exchange of experiences.


• Design, implement and follow up all training programs in all administrative, financial, banking, technical, industrial, security, customs and social fields.
• Implementation of training programs in various capitals of the world (Rome - Istanbul - Paris - London - Kuala Lumpur - Amman - Singapore - Cairo).
• Providing internationally accredited training programs in the administrative and financial fields accredited by: (LMGO - ACAC / USA - IPM / USA - CIBAFI - PMI / USA - EFQM)
• Providing administrative, financial, marketing, security and engineering consultations. • Preparing research and studies, designing and implementing questionnaires, and preparing economic feasibility studies according to the latest methods used and analyzing them.
• Preparing educational programs and specialized consultations according to the highest standards of quality systems (and according to customer needs).
• Organizing seminars, conferences and events in various countries of the world and in all fields.

TQT Methodologies

Quality and excellence standards represent the most important constants that the TQT Center for Training and Consulting has laid its foundations on since the beginning of work, as our policy is based on a basic pillar of "training with international standards", so the TQT Center for Training bears responsibility to its customers directly for the quality and excellence of the training service provided to them in the following respects:
• First: Choosing a trainer.
• Second: The quality of the training contents.
• Third: Training atmosphere .
• Fourth: Application of evaluation methodologies in programs.