Organization Development Services


Organization Development Services

TQT provides professional services in the field of organizational development
• Strategic Planning
• Change Management and Organizational Development
• Design and implementation of individual and institutional performance indicators (KPI)
• Restructuring
• Governance
• Designing operational maps
• Develop succession plans
• Developing knowledge management systems, innovation management and talent management
• HR Re-engineering
• Designing organizational structures
• Planning follow-ups
• Training and Development Needs Analysis
• Preparation of policy manuals, procedures, and business models Preparing and reviewing the organization's policy and procedure manuals and work models in order to unify the method and method of work in a way that helps achieve stability in the level of performance within the organization.

• Corporate Governance Professional administrative services in the field of preparing the governance manual for joint stock companies and preparing annual reports for companies, especially in the field of governance, and assisting companies in amending the governance manual to be in line with the country's legislation.
• Human Resources Needs Assessment and Placement Plan Assisting organizations in accurately identifying human resources needs in each organizational unit according to the actual workload, with the aim of rationalizing human resources costs.

• Preparing and reviewing organizational structures Services for preparing and developing organizational structures for companies and institutions, and this helps the organization to achieve its goals and strategic plans, raise the level of performance and enhance efficiency in work.

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