ISO Qualification and Accreditation


Qualifying companies, institutions and organizations to obtain ISO certificate and international accreditation

Many establishments and companies seek to comply with the requirements of ISO standards in order to improve their operations and show their conformity with international systems and to  achieve the conditions of donors to pass the external audit, and  in this context, the facility may request reliance on  a specialized advisory body to  provide technical and advisory support services and qualify the company to achieve the requirements of  ISO  specifications .

Stages of qualifying establishments to obtain ISO certification:

  1. Identify the activity of the establishment and provide a technical and financial offer
  2. Accepting the technical, financial offer and launching the project
  3.  Gap Analysis
  4. Training & Awareness
  5. Documentation and building a document system (procedures - forms - manual - operating instructions) Documentation
  6. Application Implementation
  7.  Internal Audit
  8.  Management Review
  9.  External Audit and Certification

Consulting, rehabilitation, and training services

First: Management systems specifications in the following international standards:

  1. ISO 9001: 2015 Training and qualifying companies to implement the quality management system
  2. Environmental Management System EMS according to ISO 14001
  3. ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System Consulting
  4. OH&S  Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 45001
  5. OH&S  Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with OHSAS 18001
  6. Enums Energy Management System  in accordance with ISO 50001
  7. Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001
  8. Quality Management System for Medical Industries and Devices in accordance with ISO 13485
  9. BCMS according to ISO 22301
  10. Business Risk Management System in accordance with ISO 31000
  11. ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Management System
  12. ISO 37301 Compliance Management System
  13. Educational Organizations Management System According to ISO 21001
  14. ISO 41001 Facilities Management System
  15. ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System
  16. Social Responsibility Management System  in accordance with SA 8000
  17. Social Responsibility Management System in accordance with ISO 26000
  18. Quality management system in projects according to ISO 10006
  19. System of application of ISO 9001 in local administrations "municipalities, secretariats ... etc" according to ISO 18091

Second: Consultations for the qualification of testing, inspection and examination bodies to obtain international accreditation and recognition in accordance with the following international specifications:

  1. Medical Laboratory Accreditation Management System  in accordance with ISO 15189
  2. ISO  17025 Test and Calibration Laboratories Accreditation Management System
  3. ISO  17020 Inspection  and Inspection Bodies Accreditation Management System
  4. Management System for the accreditation of  certification bodies of management systems according to ISO 17021

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