Our consulting services

Our consulting services Guide

A guide to the most important services that we provide in the field of consulting, where we provide a range of professional services at the administrative and training level for all sectors, and perhaps the most  important of these services are qualification for ISO certificates and accreditation, information technology services and technical support, corporate governance, anti-money laundering, identifying training needs for sectors and many other professional administrative and technical services by the most powerful experts and consultants in the Arab world 
⦁ ISO certification and accreditation qualification services.
⦁ Organization development services.
⦁ Translation services.
⦁ Scientific research and studies services.
⦁ Education consultations.
⦁ Management consulting.
⦁ Fourth generation system of institutional excellence consulting
⦁ IT consultation and AI solutions.
Technical support services
⦁ Administrative support for human resources
⦁ Technical support for quality applications
⦁ Technical support in marketing
⦁ Technical support in media
⦁ Technical support in the financial fields
⦁ Technical support in technology and artificial intelligence
Job Analysis: Job Description Guide and Cards
Preparing and reviewing the organization's job description manual and cards, which leads to accurate analysis of the job based on information that simulates the actual reality of each job.

Dictionary of functional competencies
The service of preparing a dictionary of job competencies for the organization, which helps it develop the job performance of its employees, improve the organizational culture and enhance its core values among employees

Preparation of strategic plans
Services for preparing and developing the strategic plan of the organization according to a careful analysis of its work environment and then developing performance indicators and target values to enable the organization to evaluate the achievement

Identifying training needs and preparing the training plan
Assisting companies in identifying training needs and also helping them prepare a training plan to raise the efficiency of employees at the lowest possible cost
⦁ Preparation and development of internal control regulations
Professional services by senior Arab administrators in the field of preparing and developing internal control regulations in organizations in accordance with modern practices applied and in line with the rules, regulations and internal control standards.

⦁ Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism
Preparing a guide to combating money laundering and terrorist financing, preparing an anti-money laundering policy, and annual reports for companies in this field.

⦁ Sports consultancy services for clubs, federations and sports institutions
A unique range of advisory services provided to sports institutions such as sports clubs and federations, from the development of internal regulations to the preparation of effective marketing plans.

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