Marketing & Sales

Program Name Place Registration
Marketing strategies to enter local and international markets Dubai Register
Arts and skills of dealing with customer complaints and objections and mechanisms for dealing with difficult personalities Abu Dhabi / Dubai Register
Organization and office protocol skills for customer service staff Dubai/Azerbaijan Register
Information systems and databases marketing and sales Dubai Register
Reaching excellence in customer service and speed in performance ISO Guide (10002) Dubai / Morocco / Sudan Register
Principles of marketing and service sales, development of sales operations and preparation of strategic plans for marketing Dubai / Istanbul Register
Competitive International Marketing (Global Foundations and Standards) Dubai/Georgia Register
Excellence in the art of selling and marketing and the means to achieve that excellence Dubai/Paris Register
Excellence and creativity in customer service, speed in performance and continuous development skills Dubai Register
Tolerance for frontline staff Dubai/Istanbul Register
Preparing marketing managers according to modern strategies for large companies Dubai / Kuwait / Lebanon Register
The arts of excellence in customer service, teamwork development and team spirit Dubai/Malaysia Register
Preparing marketing and promotional plans and activating sales Dubai/Abu Dhabi Register
Customer service and its importance through the first impression of the auditors Dubai/Malaysia/Algeria Register
Fourth generation and excellence in customer service Dubai / Beirut Register
Certified Professional Diploma in Quality of Services and Customer Satisfaction Dubai / Sultanate of Oman / Madrid Register
Integrated Diploma for the preparation of new customer service employees Dubai / Abu Dhabi Register
Online Marketing and Selling Skills Dubai/ Lebanon/Algeria Register
Customer Service Using CRM Software Dubai / Ajman / Bahrain Register
Seven Stars - World-class Service Delivery Technologies Dubai/Hong Kong Register
Marketing and sales strategy in light of economic crises and the global trade agreement Dubai/ New York Register