Human Resource Management & Training

Program Name Place Registration

Human Resources Development Consultant Certified Business Partner

Dubai – Carlton Downtown Hotel
Date : 31 October to 03 November

Recent Trends in Career Planning, Business Structuring and Job Design Dubai/Geneva Register
Advanced systems for planning, implementing and monitoring personnel systems and provisions Dubai Register
Preparing an effective training manager and the art of drafting and preparing training plans Dubai/London Register
Preparing the integrated human resources system and building the organizational structure Dubai/Kuala Lumpur Register
Workforce Planning and Strategies for Job and Salary Analysis, Descriptions and Evaluation DSaqil Register
Financial Systems for Personnel Affairs, Human Resources and Preparation of Public Budgets Dubai/Abu Dhabi Register
Certified Compensation and Benefits Specialist Dubai /South Korea Register
Advanced Career Development and Succession Planning Dubai/Cairo Register
Principles of Labor Law in the GCC Dub/Abu Dhabi Register
HR Audits Dubai / Azerbaijan Register
Employee Performance Appraisal System, Wages and Incentives Systems Dubai Register
Certified Employee Relations Specialist Dubai/Istanbul Register
Measuring and analyzing performance indicators for human resources management Dubai/Georgia Register
Certified Corporate Talent Management Specialist Dubai Register
Excellence and creativity in personnel management and administrative development Dubai / Beirut Register
Developing the skills of HR managers using DACUA Dubai / Cairo Register
Advanced Professional Development and Succession Planning Dubai Register
HR Practitioner & Professional Training Dubai / Malaysia Register
Competency Based Interviews: Top Metrics in Dubai/Beirut Register
Engineering the quality of training according to international standards of training quality Dubai/Madrid Register
Certified Training Manager Dubai Register
Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management New York / Dubai Register