Secretarial and archiving

Program Name Place Registration
Preparation and drafting of correspondence, memos, reports and presentations Dubai Register
Indexing, electronic archiving and archiving of documents, archives and documents Dubai/Barcelona Register
Skills of moving from paper preservation to electronic preservation Dubai Register
Office Management Reengineering and Modern Global Secretarial Work Dubai/Bosnia Register
Skills of providing administrative and personal services supporting the work of the manager Dubai/Paris Register
Reducing Paperwork in Offices Dubai Register
Skills of organizing and following up the work of meetings and committees Alexandria / South Korea Register
Document Control and Records Management Strategies Dubai/Cairo Register
Security and management of documents, documents and information Dubai Register
Modern Office Management (Administrative - Behavioral and Technical Skills for Office Managers) Dubai/Geneva Register
Time management and the art of dealing with pressure for managers of senior management offices Dubai/Cairo Register
How to create an electronic library (organization, planning and management of libraries) Dubai/London Register
Preparing and drafting official reports and letters in the government sector Dubai/Georgia Register
Arts of organizing conferences, seminars and major events Dubai/Istanbul Register
Diploma in Excellence Management in Modern Secretarial and Advanced Office Management Dubai Register
Office Management for Senior Management and VIPs (VIP) Dubai/Malaysia Register
British approach to developing executive secretarial work, office managers and senior officials Dubai Register
Professional Administrative Assistant Qualification Program Dubai/Beirut Register
Using NLP to develop the performance of secretarial and modern office management Dubai/Madrid Register
The phone and its uses in secretarial work and office management Dubai/South Korea Register
Modern secretarial and etiquette and skills of dealing with the public Dubai/New York Register