Finance Programs and accounting

Program Name Place Registration
Big Data Analysis for Banks

Dubai Banks

Financial modeling using Excel Dubai/Azerbaijan Register
Analysis of statistical data using the statistical program SPSS Dubai / Georgia Register
Chartered Financial Analyst Certification Review Program Dubai/London Register
Disclosure and transparency in accordance with the instructions of the Capital Markets Authority Dubai / Kuala Lumpur / Azerbaijan Register
Intensive Auditing Program for Certified Management Accountant Dubai/Bosnia and Herzegovina Register
Notification and follow-up of internal audit results Dubai/Abu Dhabi Register
Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional Dubai Register
Applications of International Financial Reporting Standards Dubai/Geneva Register
Preparation of statistical and analysis of data Dubai/Georgia Register
Certified Public Accountant Dubai/Sharm El Sheikh Register
Modern systems in the preparation of government accounting strategies and budgeting - financial innovation Dubai / Azerbaijan Register
Preparation of financial statements and annual financial report Dubai Register
Application of accounting and management auditing standards and their role in control and decision-making Dubai/Germany Register
Statistics and its role in planning, follow-up and decision-making Dubai/Sudan Register
Preparation of adjustments, accounting entries, final accounts and control over budget implementation Dubai Dubai / Beirut Register
Innovative Strategies in Reducing Costs Dubai/Georgia Register
Foundations of investment in stock exchanges and financial markets Dubai / Istanbul Register
VAT Accounting Rules Dubai    / London Register
Analysis of statistical data using the statistical program SPSS Dubai / Kuwait Register
Wealth and Portfolio Management Dubai/Malaysia Register
Certified Financial Management Professional Dubai Register
Latest Technology in Data Analysis and Reporting Dubai / Oman / Madrid Record Register
Certified Professional Diploma in Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Dubai / Bahrain Register