Educational and family programs

Program Name Place Registration
certified license for a successful married life   Register
Administrative and leadership creativity for effective educational supervision   Register
Methodologies and strategies for integrated care for senior citizens   Register
Student Advisor in Learning Difficulties Program   Register
Building Early Childhood - Space Ambition for Future Innovators   Register
Modern strategies in developing the skills and capabilities of teachers   Register
Leadership and Decision Skills: The Role of the Father in Early Childhood   Register
The integrated approach to the economics of education and its role in human and economic development   Register
The marital relationship and its role in building the personality of children   Register
Arabic for Non-Native Speakers   Register
Preparing children to move from home to nursery   Register
Educational leadership in accordance with international standards of education quality   Register
Recent trends in classroom management   Register
Integrated skills in teaching and active learning   Register
The arts of transforming marital disputes into sessions for family bonding   Register
Methodologies of family life from an Islamic perspective   Register
Parenting skills that support children's thinking skills   Register
Avoid the negative impact of technology on children   Register
Creativity and innovation in raising children   Register