Procurement and stores Programs

Program Name Place Registration
Advanced technologies in logistics, supply chain and risk management Dubai Register
Modern and advanced concepts of inventory and warehouse control Dubai/Azerbaijan Register
Procurement management and modern methods of negotiation and performance evaluation Dubai/London Register
 Strategies for inventory of stores and addressing irregularities and stagnant inventory Abu Dhabi/Dubai Register
Procurement System (Correspondence / Contracts) Abu Dhabi/Georgia Register
Leadership and supervision skills for production supervisors Dubai/Paris Register
Diploma in Purchasing and Warehouse Business Management Dubai/Azerbaijan Register
Warehouse management with quality standards in accordance with the concept of "international ISO " Alexandria / Dubai / South Korea Register
Qualifying the conditions booklet of practices, tenders and contract preparation for procurement management Dubai / Ajman / Geneva Register
Mini Master in Advanced Strategic Planning for Procurement and Supply operation Sharm El Sheikh / Dubai Register
Planning and implementation of processing and supply operations through the logistics network Dubai / Azerbaijan Register
Modern management of materials, procurement and warehouses in ministries and government institutions Abu Dhabi / Dubai Register
Planning and monitoring production in light of global standards and variables Dubai / Tunisia / Germany Register
Logistics management of materials according to the approach of total quality management Dubai/Sharm El Sheikh Register
Inventory accounting, control and cost reduction methods Dubai/Paris Register
physical control of warehouses (inventory and inspection) Dubai/Istanbul Register
Inventory management, forecasting and demand planning: tools and techniques Dubai / Malaysia Register
Advanced technologies in logistics, supply chain and risk management Dubai/Istanbul Register
Innovation in warehouse management and how to get rid of stagnant inventory Dubai/Abu Dhabi Register
Commercial fraud (concepts and applications) and methods of detecting violations and fraud Dubai / New York Register
Advanced Professional Diploma in Inventory Analysis and Control Dubai / Ajman / Bahrain Register