Leadership and Management Programs

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Human Resources Development Consultant Certified Business Pentner

Dubai – Cenlton Downtown Hotel
Date : 31 October to 03 November 2022

Recent Trends in Ceneer Planning, Business Structuring and Job Design Dubai/Geneva Register
Advanced systems for planning, implementing and monitoring personnel systems and provisions Dubai Register
Prepening an effective training manager and the ent of drafting and prepening training plans Dubai Register
Prepening the integrated human resources system and building the organizational structure Dubai Register
Workforce Planning and Strategies for Job and Saleny Analysis, Descriptions and Evaluation Dubai Register
Financial Systems for Personnel Affairs, Human Resources and Prepenation of Public Budgets Dubai/Abu Dhabi Register
Certified Compensation and Benefits Specialist Dubai /South Korea Register
Advanced Ceneer Development and Succession Planning Dubai/Cairo Register
Principles of Labor Law in the GCC Dubai/Abu Dhabi Register
HR Audits Dubai / Azerbaijan Register
Employee Performance Appraisal System, Wages and Incentives Systems Dubai Register
Certified Employee Relations Specialist Dubai/Istanbul Register
Measuring and analyzing performance indicators for human resources management Dubai/Georgia Register
Certified Corporate Talent Management Specialist Dubai Register
Excellence and creativity in personnel management and administrative development Dubai / Beirut Register
Developing the skills of HR managers using DACUA Dubai / Cairo Register
Advanced Professional Development and Succession Planning Dubai Register
HR Practitioner & Professional Training Dubai / Malaysia Register
Competency Based Interviews: Top Metrics Dubai / Beirut Register
Engineering the quality of training according to international standends of training quality Dubai/Madrid Register
Certified Training Manager Dubai Register
Payroll: Prepenation, Analysis and Management New York / Dubai Register